Frequently Asked Questions About Car Rentals

  1. This is my first time renting a vehicle
  2. First time rentals or maybe first time in a while? Got2Go Car Hire wants to make the experience of renting a car fast, easy and convenient. Follow our simple steps and you’ll be Set2Go in no time.

  3. Where am I permitted to drive?
  4. We allow our new vehicles to travel between Cairns and Sydney, depending on length of hire. We do not allow travel any further WEST than Toowoomba. Our budget range of vehicles are only permitted to travel between Noosa and Tweed Heads.

  5. Does the Rental Vehicle come with any type of Insurance Cover?
  6. All our rental cars are covered for Third Party which covers the other vehicle/person in the event of an accident.

  7. When do I pay for the Rental Car?
  8. A small deposit is paid at the time of the booking to secure your vehicle, which comes off the balance to be paid on arrival.

  9. What methods of payment can I use?
  10. We accept Cash or Visa, Mastercard and American Express. Note: AMEX will attract 5% surcharge to cover merchant fees. Diners Club is not accepted. Debit cards are not accepted.

  11. Are there any hidden fees or charges?
  12. At Got2Go, all our fees are transparent and are explained upon booking your vehicle. We offer options upon collection of your vehicle to the benefit of the customer.

  13. Why do the “daily rates” vary and will they change when I book?
  14. Daily rates change due to seasons, holiday periods or availability due to supply and demand. Once you have made your booking in advance, your rate will not change.

  15. Do I have to return the vehicle with a full tank of Fuel?
  16. You must return the vehicle full of fuel if we give you a full tank on arrival. If you do not get time, we can refuel on your behalf, including a small administration fee for our staff time.

  17. What if I cancel a booking? Are there cancellation fees?
  18. Bookings for you car hire Brisbane cancelled with 30 days of travel, will be required to pay $50 cancellation fee. Bookings cancelled within 7 days of travel will be required to pay the full balance of the hire, which can be claimed back through travel insurance.

  19. What happens if I return the vehicle late?
  20. At Got2Go, we allow a four hour gap from time of collection to time of return. After the four hours, you will be charged an additional day’s hire, unless prior arrangements have been made.

  21. How many kilometers per day are free?
  22. At Got2Go, Unlimited means just that – Unlimited and does not limit you to any area restrictions for kilometers ( subject to length of hire).

  23. Do I receive any Street Directories?
  24. We provide all customers with a Free Street Directory for your Sunshine Coast Airport Car Hire on arrival so that you start enjoying your trip the moment it begins.

  25. What age can I be to hire a vehicle?
  26. We allow drivers over the age of 21. We now have no maximum age restrictions on our drivers. A small fee is charged for drivers under 25.

  27. Do I need an International Drivers License?
  28. No – a valid Driver’s License is all we require.

  29. Do you hire Car Seats?
  30. Yes – we hire both Child Seats and Booster seats and once pre-booked are guaranteed on arrival. Other accessories on car rentals are available by request.

  31. Can anyone else drive the vehicle?
  32. Yes – up to 4 drivers are able to drive, as long as they are noted on the contract. A fee is charged for additional drivers 3+.

  33. Can I return the vehicle after hours?
  34. Yes – at Got2Go, we have a unique self-check-in procedure, which allows return of vehicles 24 hrs per day at our designated locations. This must be pre-arranged when you collect the vehicle.

  35. Can I have the vehicle delivered to my Hotel?
  36. Yes – part of our service, is delivery to your Hotel. Once again, this must be pre-booked and a small fee is charged for this service.

  37. Can I use another person’s Credit Card for booking/security?
  38. Yes, you can rent a car at the airport with someone else's credit card – however we must receive written permission from the Card Holder.

  39. Can I extend my hire during my Rental?
  40. Yes – you must phone in advance of extension to verify availability of that particular vehicle you have on hire. We can usually accommodate all extensions, however if you have taken out our Collision Damage Waiver, the vehicle must be inspected before extension will be permitted.

  41. Can I guarantee the make and model of my vehicle?
  42. In most cases, when you pre-book in advance, we can give you the vehicle of your choice unless your vehicle of choice is currently receiving repair and is unavailable.

  43. Is Roadside Assistance available?
  44. Yes – we do offer Roadside Assistance 24/7.

  45. Am I able to tow anything with my rental vehicle?
  46. Unfortunately, we do not offer the facilities to tow on any occasion.

  47. Do you accept Debit Cards for payment?
  48. Unfortunately, Debit cards cannot be accepted for any reason.

  49. What happens if I receive a fine during my hire?
  50. All drivers are responsible for fines received. These will be sent on to you, along with a receipt for a small administration fee to cover the cost of following this up on your behalf. Fees will be debited from your Credit Card.

  51. What happens in the event of an accident?
  52. We include an Incident Report in the vehicle for you to complete. We must be notified immediately of any accident. We will inform you of the procedure and assist you to return to your travel plans as soon as possible.

  53. How do I find out about any Insurance Policies?
  54. We are very pleased to assist you with our policy regarding your Excess and any Risk associated with vehicle hire. We also encourage you to talk to your Travel Agent or Insurance Company prior to booking your vehicle. Our aim is make sure you have an enjoyable experience while traveling with us and welcome your questions regarding this point of interest.